Today at the museum, I continued researching the guns I began researching last week. There have been some frustrating moments while doing my research, but those moments have only made the moments when I solve a part of the mystery even better! Before I begin to share information about each individual gun, I would like everyone to have at least a little knowledge about guns, because it is really boring to look at objects you know absolutely nothing about. The picture above is a close-up of a flintlock pistol, which I will be posting about later, but what is a flintlock?! 
Simply stated, it is a mechanism on a gun that creates a spark, which then lights the gunpowder stored in the barrel of the gun. The flintlock was first developed in the mid-1500s and was overwhelmingly popular in the American Colonies. Eventually, in the mid-1800s it was replaced by the percussion cap lock, which spread very quickly. Never discredit the flintlock, it was an AMAZING technological advancement. 
  • 20 April 2011
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